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Sizonomics with Einstein Alive Arden Bercovitz
Science and Math Assemblies for Imagination, Inspiration, and Life Long Learning in K-12
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Are your kids interested in math? If yours aren't, let's turn things around!

Sîz•ô•nom´•ics™ Number Sense Revealed

"Students were very intrigued: We could see their minds working... one of the most unique presentations we have ever seen and always one of our students' favorites."      Star Lerach & Anne Gruzdowich, Science Discovery Day Chairs, Rancho Santa Fe ES

Give your kids the foundation they need to improve their test scores.
Learning math can be fun and exciting – that's exactly what "Sizonomics"™ does. Based on state math curriculum standards, numbers becomes clear and usable.

"The entire concept, uniqueness of the subject matter and presentation wasn't the run of the mill... Your audience was captivated."      Lee Levenson, Teacher, Westwood Elementary

With Sizonomics™ many students discover they DO like math after all, because they learn math relationships, key to understanding math. They will be primed to practice their estimation skills with new confidence. They will have a much firmer foundation for learning more math, which is just what they need to succeed.

In less than one hour, students learn how numbers build and grow. Abstract numbers are simplified and become more understandable. Kids are fascinated when they learn that "one" relates to "ten" in the same way that "100,000" relates to "1,000,000."*

* K-2 programs are 30 minutes in length, and go to 100,000.
  3-12 programs are 45-60 minutes in length, and go to 1,000,000.

"It's great to have something so concrete to demonstrate what is usually abstract for most of us. Our teachers want you to come back!"      Debbi Costanzo, AP, Alvin Dunn Elementary

Students learn best by doing – including hearing, seeing, even tasting – and they'll do that, and more, in this multi-sensory math assembly experience.

"Sizonomics&trade, especially the visuals, brings kids to a level where they grasp the concepts. They were really engaged and came out thinking about numbers in a new way. Great!"      Gina McGrath, VP, Horton Elementary

Family Events on evenings and weekends!

About Dr. Arden Bercovitz -- Creator of Sizonomics™ and the original Einstein Alive programs, Dr. B has loved science and math since he was a child. A Ph.D. biologist, he worked for the San Diego Zoo as a research scientist. In 1982, he began working with K-12 students. Dr. B also speaks to education associations and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) industries. His commitment and passion for science and math education are contagious.