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Inservices by Dr. Arden Bercovitz, CSP

Dr. B will interview key people in your group and design an inservice specifically for you.
We are happy to change the title of your talk to fit your faculty and staff's needs.

Intelligent Change - The Einstein Way! (pdf)
Change Your Thinking Today - The Einstein Way! (pdf)
Discover a Diversity of Ideas - The Einstein Way! (pdf)

What faculty say about Einstein Alive inservices

"We need to encourage imaginative thinking and risk taking/questioning. Many children are not able to formulate a question of depth. This was outstanding! Thank you!"

"With robust life styles, this session made me realize the need to be focused."

"I need to plan time in each day to 'retreat' without guilt. As educators, we need to allow students more 'think time."

"Thank you for the ideas of how to help others think!! 'How are you smart?' And also what have you done to think and renew yourself!"

"I think I need more in the area of 'successfully' applying thinking...excellent, relaxed atmosphere for learning."

Education Groups that Dr. Bercovitz has spoken to:

CA Association for the Gifted and Talented
CA Science Teachers Association
Contra Costa Association of Science and Math Educators
Creative Training Techniques Conference
Gemini Observatory sponsored tour of Hawaiian schools
Grossmont USD Faculty and Staff
Hennipen Technical College
Mc Gill University students, faculty and staff
Missouri Dept of Education
Modesto Junior College faculty
National Marine Educators Association
Norwalk La Mirada Administrators Association
International Accelerated Learning Conference
Seattle Pacific Science Center
Snohomish PUD Science Teachers Conference
South Carolina Science Council
SDSU Extended Studies
UCSD Extension
University of Oklahoma
Ventura County Educators of Science, Math, and Technology
WA Association Talented & Gifted Education