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Science and Math Assemblies for Imagination, Inspiration, and Life Long Learning in K-12
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What if Einstein could be your Science Teacher?
These outstanding science assemblies and family evenings teach higher level thinking skills and how to apply scientific methods to everyday thinking.

Your students will practice:
  • Asking better questions
  • Thinking things through
  • Being aware of different perspectives
  • Engaging their imagination
Many students will feel encouraged to explore science and technology careers.
Einstein 103: “How to Think like an Einstein”
Grades 9-12,   45-60 minutes

“Science,” according to Einstein,
“Is a refinement of everyday thinking.”

Albert Einstein is portrayed by Dr. Arden Bercovitz, a research scientist and a credentialed teacher who loves science and math. Dr. B knows how to grab your kids’ attention, and encourage their interest in science and math.

“Einstein's” stories engage your high schoolers as he shares how he came up with the ideas that changed our world. Einstein will stimulate your students’ natural curiosity, and take them through several wonderful imagination-stretching experiences to help them learn new ways of thinking and stimulate new interest in science.

Your students will learn a lot of science and have a great time in these “minds-on” assemblies and family evenings.

Students get insights into how real science is accomplished, applied, and enjoyed. They’ll learn how to look beyond first right answers to see and think differently.

“Most outstanding science presentation ever! Einstein's ideas keep popping up in class. You really turned some kids' lives around.”      Paul Lewanski, Science Dept. Chair, Artesia High School

“No doubt you were a success. I appreciate the blend of science, humor, philosophy and history. A bonafide learning experience.”      Jim Stone, Physics educator, Marysville Pilcher High School

Terrific for Family Nights!
Parents will be surprised to discover how much their kids are learning. This program will open parents’ minds, too. They will see their kids with a fresh perspective. New lines of communication will open up.

“The Family Evening with Einstein was a vision realized. A wish that in public education we could come together to experience amazing things, to break bread with family and friends, and to converse in powerful ways. Dr. B connected with our estimations, encouraging learning and use of imagination. The evening family program was the most appreciated of all.”      Donna Somerville, Principal and Eric Burtson, Science Admin, Serra HS