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Science and Math Assemblies for Imagination, Inspiration, and Life Long Learning in K-12
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What Educators Say About Arden Bercovitz, Ph.D., CSP

Colleges and Universities Testimonials

"Your performance at Clark College was even better than I expected...lots of positive feedback. You do a masterful job of blending personal facts about Einstein with more substantial information about his genius and his accomplishments...We benefitted."
Bob Moser, Director of Student Programs, Clark College

"Absolutely brilliant presentation on effective thinking and the pursuit of excellence. In my fifteen years as an academic, I have seen and heard many speakers, but never one as clear, thought-provoking, and in tune with his audience as you. One only had to look at the crowd of people around you afterwards...My committee members conclude that it was a stroke of genius to have you speak...Keeping your appearance a total surprise was a terrific enhancement. In short, you made me look good, and for that, I am eternally grateful."
David Bird, Ph.D., Assoc Prof, Founder's Day Chair, McGill University

"Thank you very much for sharing your expertise, enthusiasm and experience...Well thought-out, at the right level...Everyone was excited and stimulated...I have already recommended you to our administration...Your impact will be very positive and significant."
Dr. Steven Murov, MAPS Project Director, Modesto Junior College

"You were a breath of fresh air."
Judy Cain, Editor of Academic Bulletins, University of Oklahoma