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What Educators Say About Arden Bercovitz, Ph.D., CSP

Elementary School Testimonials

"It was an absolutely perfect follow up to a unit on scientists. Great learning for kids. Loved short term memory exercises. We couldn't have asked for a more wonderful experience for our students!! Thank you for a terrific memory. All of it was spectacular!!
Susan Lancaster, Teacher, Alpine Elementary

"It's great to have something so concrete to demonstrate what is usually so abstract for most of us. Your Sizonomics™ program was great. Many of our teachers want you to come back!"
Debbi Costanzo, Assistant Principal, Alvin Dunn Elementary

"Barrio Logan College Institute strives to show students their educational possibilities. Dr. B, as Einstein, did an incredible job of giving our kids a sense of more than their surroundings and challenged them to DREAM."
Bernice Gil, Programs Director, Barrio Logan College Institute

"Very Clever! Helping them really 'see' what really big numbers look like was cool."
C. Landon-Stone, 2nd Grade Teacher, Bay Park Elementary

"The epitome of what an educational assembly should be!"
Jim Williams, Cajon Park Elementary

"Wow! Did our students ever get an idea of how big 'big' really is!! Your program sparked the imagination and curiosity of many of our students." regarding Sizonomics (tm)
Tom Baker, Chambers Elementary

"Einstein was fabulous! Kids and their parents loved it! One student said her head was spinning from so many new ideas! We want you back for Sizonomics™, too!"
Jessica Dusek, GATE Coordinator, Creekside Elementary

"'My Mind is My Office,' Einstein did say. I don't have to drive there or commute everyday. The rent is my reading and thinking is boss. And if I start cheating, I'd be at a loss. So my advice to you is to think like a child, And let your Imagination Run Wild!"
Cristina Bercovitz, age 10, Cristina Bercovitz, A Poem

"Straight 5's! I have a very active group of 4th grade students. For 45 minutes, they sat quietly captivated by your performance. We all absolutely enjoyed the presentation. Thank you!"
Claudia Newkirk, Del Mar Heights

"Albert Einstein not only made complicated scientific principles understandable, he brought the subject matter to life. Dr. Arden Bercovitz is a talented and dedicated teacher and performer... equally effective and provocative for any age group. The children are still talking about his experiments with the bending of light and the speed with which falling objects fall." As a private school principal, we schedule perhaps 10-15 speakers, experts, and performers during the course of a school year. Dr. Arden Bercovitz's presentation and the ensuing spirited question and answer session that followed was the best I have ever watched. The device of using Albert Einstein as a motivator and role model for scientific discovery is unparalleled. I was so impressed by his style and intelligent insight that we just booked Dr. B to do his presentation on 'Sizonomics' (the wonders of mathematics) for our entire school."
Michael Cole, Principal/Owner, Diegueno Country School

"It's great to have something so concrete to demonstrate what is usually so abstract for most of us. Your Sizonomics™ program was great. Many of our teachers want you to come back!"
Debbi Costanzo, Assistant Principal, Dunn Elementary

"The presenter was amazing. He was animated, fun and knowledgeable. He grabbed students' attention right from the beginning to the end. They gained a better understanding of math, size, measurements. Wonderful!" Note: Beth saw six days of Sizonomics (tm) - two programs a day for each grade, K-5.
Beth Levario, Permanent Substitute, Edgemont Elementary

"Who knows the future Einsteins motivated by you today!"
Trish Luther, 1st VP, PTA, Empresa Elementary

"Students loved it! They were engaged the entire time Einstein was on stage! Well worth the money!"
Kim Arvidson, GATE Coordinator, Empresa Elementary

About Einstein: "By the show of hands waiting to ask questions, they were very thirsty for answers." About Sizonomics (tm): "My students were very impressed with your 1,000,000."
Pat Preston, Felicita Elementary

"Comments from teachers were very positive, and I would recommend Sizonomics (tm) to other schools."
Ginger Tyson, Teacher, Grant Elementary

"Thank you so much for your presentation of Albert Einstein. The older kids were quite taken with your living biography and challenge to think for themselves. I appreciate your reference to the true definition of genius. We thank you for helping to open our minds."
Barbara Shelton, PTA Cultural Arts Co-chair, Hazelwood Elementary

"A very meaningful assembly!"
Barbara Dubois, Hearst Elementary

"Excellent job. You kept the kids' interest and curiosity."
Brett Harris, Horton Elementary

"Our ESL learners have a hard time with math, and are all over the place when they estimate size, weight, etc. The Sizonomics (tm) program, especially the visuals, brings them to a level where they can grasp the concepts. They were really engaged and came out thinking about numbers in a new way. Great program!"
Gina McGrath, Vice Principal, Horton Elementary

"As our Career Day kickoff, Einstein got us some media play on tv. They covered the entire day."
Sharon Uyeno, Assistant Principal, Jefferson Elementary

"I so enjoyed meeting you and your wonderful character Einstein. You were the top of the evening!"
Lynne Fox, Science Expo organizer, Kyrene De La Cielo Elementary

"...extremely positive responses from everyone, students and faculty alike...The audience's suspension of disbelief was swift and strong...Your gentle transformation from Albert to Arden was masterly...Both medium and message were of the highest quality. I have sent your brochure and my recommendations to our district."
Stephen Martin, PATS coordinator, LP Brown Elementary

"What was Hot? Characterization, content, simple explanation of tough material."
Lorelei Olsen, Miramar Ranch Elementary

"Einstein was the only program over several years that everyone wanted back!"
Principal, Moulton Elementary

"The translation of Einstein's theories made simple was superb."
Diane Sternal, Murchison Street Elementary

"You were terrific! The kids seemed to really enjoy it. They asked great questions and your responses were excellent. I learned a lot."
Gail Powers, Teaching Assistant, Narrows View Elementary

"I was fascinated and the time flew. You have a wonderful quality that makes people feel comfortable enough to ask questions."
Kate Russell, Teachers Assistant, Narrows View Elementary

"Kids loved doing the pictures of an idea in their was all great!"
Ann Spraker, Northmont Elementary

"It went very well, enjoyed it very much myself. Kids were engaged, participating, and a number of them wanted to stay and chat with "Albert." Not all the kids "got" all the concepts, but you got them thinking - and that is the point..."
Laurel Miller, PTA Assembly Coordinator, Pacific Beach Elementary

"Einstein truly came alive for the 3rd thru 6th graders in the activity room of Pioneer Elementery. The students were delighted to discover they think like a scientist, as they intuitively answered questions about gravity. And often were right! There was a lot of laughter as you shared your stories and ignited their imagination. I have never seen a better demonstration of gravity, black holes and the fabric of space...all done in a way that young children can grasp. I will bet you helped a few scientists discover themselves that afternoon. I really enjoyed catching your presentation, and the satisfaction of the children who came up afterwards and got to ask important questions of a real scientist."
Linda Keith, Parent & CPA, Pioneer Elementary, Olympia WA

"Very impressed with Sizonomics - subject, presentation, creativity, and rapport with the kids...students were very intrigued: I could see their minds of the most unique presentations I have seen and one of my favorites. In the midst of standardized testing and more and more rote memorization, a presentation that makes students think, is quite remarkable."
Star Lerach, Sci Discovery Day - Parent Coordinator, Rancho Santa Fe Elementary

"Your Sizonomics™ assembly is always one of the students favorite."
Anne Gruzdowich, Science Discovery Day Chair, Rancho Santa Fe Elementary

"Thank you for being such a special part of our 2007 Science Discovery Day. The quality of your program was evident in the smiles and excitement of the children as they enjoyed their experiences and new learning."
Lindy Delaney, Superintendent, Rancho Santa Fe School District

"Arden's programs enrich the science classes at our various GATE sites and we have received many compliments on his presentations."
Arline Hendricks, GATE Program Secretary ll, San Diego USD GATE

"Many of my 2nd and 3rd graders are playing on the school computer to get as many 'thanks' as possible on a sheet of paper. They're up to 2900. Many older kids are signing their papers 'Thanks, not a million!'"
Lisa Mumby, Science Specialist, SBSD, Solana Vista Elementary

Wonderful. Both parents and students were fully captivated by your simulation. Teachers saw a whole new way of sharing ideas and information and are already exploring how they can manifest this in the classroom. Most importantly, we all realized once again we are OK just as we are. We each have our own unique gift.
Barbara Gilles, Teacher, Sunnydale Elementary

"You made math fun and presented it in a new way."
Mr. Hernandez, 4th grade teacher, Twin Oaks Elementary

"Our students certainly have a better understanding of number concepts - how numbers build and grow - as well as what large numbers are. We especially appreciate the extra effort of bringing a 'million thanks' to share. Sizonomics was fun and interesting for our students. Thank you most sincerely for your visit."
Tom Prentice, Principal, Tyee Park Elementary

"You made me wish that I could have known Einstein and spent some time with him talking about philosophy, religion, metaphysics, and science. You made Einstein a living person, and you were able to take the theory of relativity and explain it simply."
Catherine Lyman-Fry, Teacher, Waterford

"Arden Bercovitz's fascinating and novel programs have helped all levels of our school to think bigger and better. We love him, and you will too!"
Dr. Sam Blank, Principal, Westwood Elementary

re: Sizonomics.(tm) What was hot? The entire concept - the uniqueness of the subject matter, how it was presented. This wasn't the run of the mill, "Let me entertain you." We appealed to other kinds of kids with different modes of learning, understanding, and appreciation. So sophisticated - Mensa caliber. Electrifying! Dynamic! Your audience was captivated!"
Lee Levenson, Teacher, Westwood Elementary