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What Educators Say About Arden Bercovitz, Ph.D., CSP

High School Testimonials

"The most outstanding science presentation ever sponsored at our school! Einstein's ideas keep popping up in class. You really turned some kids' lives around."
Paul Lewanski, Science Dept. Chair, Artesia High School

"Humor and storytelling was very effective. Wonderful details on Einstein. Wonderful individual connection with intuition and genius!"
Marsha Williams, Teacher, Bethel High School

"Our school was very fortunate to have Dr. B come as Dr. Einstein. He was VERY believable and engaging. He reaches out to the students and keeps in mind the level of his audience with student interaction and personal detail about Dr. Einstein. It was a very fun and informative performance."
Liz Lyng, Holy Cross High School

"Students were enraptured, they seemed to hang on every word."
Michael Sixtus, Mar Vista High School

"You made the front page! No question you were a success. I appreciate the blend of science, humor, philosophy and history....and bonafide learning experience."
Jim Stone, Physics educator, Marysville Pilcher High School

"...outstanding. The students thoroughly enjoyed it and asked me to invite you back."
Irene Outlaw, Educator, Prep High School

"The Family Evening with Einstein was a vision realized. A wish that in public education we could come together to experience amazing things, to break bread with family and friends, and to converse in powerful ways." Donna Somerville. Eric Burtson, science administrator, said, "The administration felt that it would make science more accessible for the students by using the quintessential scientist character, Einstein, as a model. Dr. B's demonstration connected with our estimations, encouraging learning and use of imagination. He never dropped the persona and the evening family program was the most appreciated of all."
Donna Somerville and Eric Burtson, Principal and Science Admin, Serra High

"...very thrilled, every one...wide appeal."
Steve Miles, Math educator, University of San Diego High School

"Science Department teachers were overwhelmed by their students' increased interest in Albert Einstein, as a creative and ingenious scientist, for the discussion continued beyond the event and into the classroom. Thank you to Gemini Observatory for supporting an awesome presentation for our students."
Jamie Nekoba, Science Dept Chairperson, Waiakaea High School