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What Educators Say About Arden Bercovitz, Ph.D., CSP

Other Institutions Testimonials

WOW! Very well-received by teachers, administrators and classified staff. Since we are facing change, some of the quotes from Albert Einstein, especially, "Problems cannot be solved at the same level of consciousness that created them." were particularly apt. On the evaluations, over and over again, people commented that the luncheon speaker (Arden) was . . . "Just great--so different and fun." "Really made me think!" "We should have more like him." "Wow--at last, a speaker who really knew who we were and addressed our needs with intelligence and wit!" "We loved the 'No Schlimbe' buttons. People in our group were fighting over them!" All evaluations were marked excellent with a few "very goods" from the cranky folks. You were simply--in a word--great!
Pat Hansmeyer , Public Information Manager, California Regional Occupation Program (ROP)

"A speaker with a difference. Converts everyday information into new thoughts and directions. Engaged our imaginations, provoked thoughts. Encourages and reinforces. Incorporates worldly concepts to teaching. Made me laugh and smile. Incredible speaker. Many wonderful ideas came to me while listening to this exceptionally motivating speaker. Took us back to the roots of why we want to teach! Enlightening. Light-hearted and uplifting, while offering 'food for thought.' The ideal closing speaker."
Composite, California Teachers Association

"You really were a hit with our library's visitors of all ages!"
National Library Week Steering Committee, Escondido Public Library

"We continue to get fabulous reports back from all fronts - Einstein Alive was successful beyond all my expectations."
Peter Michaud, Public Information and Outreach Manager, Gemini Observatory

"Masterful delivery. Passion, expertise, laughter...the perfect package. Keep on teaching!"
Janet Harvey, Education and Outreach Specialist, Gemini Observatory

"Einstein's short talks addressed issues such as time and gravity in an enjoyable and accessible way, opening the door to deeper thinking about Relativity."
Dale Ingram, writer, Hanford Observatory (newsletter), Idaho National Laboratory

"...inspirational...all felt the presence of a man of rare intelligence and understanding, one who truly appreciated the creativity of the mind. Thought-provoking ideas from a master innovator gave new insights in a delightful setting and recaptured the spirit of the adventure of invention...outstanding and unique service to the community."
Jo Anne Schaper, Coordinator, Invent America

"I hope you get to share your performance with many very still impressionable school-aged children in America (and many of their parents)!"
John Eproson, Educator Consultant, John Eproson

"Thanks for getting me to THINK! Growth only comes through reflection."
Edward Wong, Director Elementary Education, Norwalk La Mirada Administrators Assoc

"Outstanding job! Some comments: 'What fun, and concepts so important for us to learn.' 'How did he know all those things about us? 'It really made it special to have our companies and people referred to.' 'Having Einstein not only made it fun, but gave the message an extra punch.' We were impressed."
Peggy Covert, Executive Director, SDSU Professional Development

"Educational, inspiring, and entertaining. Judging from the evaluations, there will be more science taught in the classroom. Wonderful."
Sonia Siegel Vexler, Public Education Specialisst, Snohomish County PUD Science Teachers Conf

"I groked your presentation a great deal, and had many wonderful conversations with other attendees about it."
Ira Blatt, Past President, Society of Insurance Trainers & Educators

"Einstein synthesized the elements of our conference, reminding us of pearls of wisdom made relevant to our daily lives. Arden's style kept us engaged, even after two intense days of conferencing. Arden brings science to life. He also communicates a message of taking time to see, listen and value who we are and what we are about. In gifted education, we have need for that message on a daily basis."
Gail Hanninen, Ph.D., Director Student & Academic Services, Washington Assoc Educators for the Talented and Gifted

"...We had a wonderful day! Arden Bercovitz gave excellent presentations to students of all ages. He is enthusiastic and creative and has extensive knowledge of Einstein and his life...the highlights of the day were the SIZONOMICS program with primary students and Arden's actual delivery of the Einstein persona and his discussions with students about how he creates the character. Kids loved him. I would highly recommend his work to you."
Dr. Teresa Bergeson, Superintendent of Public Instruction , Washington State Board of Education