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What Educators Say About Arden Bercovitz, Ph.D., CSP

Middle School Testimonials

"I thoroughly enjoyed your in-character autobiographical you became so involved in Einstein's life was a glimpse at how an individual's interests can develop into passions."
Cynthia Hedges, Team Leader, Bell Junior High School

"Their wheels were churning when you challenged them to THINK and Question."
Terry Allinger, Kroc Middle School

"What made it really interesting and kept the students' attention was the way you looked and talked as were great."
Joyce Blackman, GATE, McQueen MS

"The "Einstein Alive" presentations were wonderful successes! The students were captivated by your distinctive and accurate portrayal of the essence of Einstein. You were so convincing that I was asked by more than one person, how our school was able to bring in such a great man as a guest speaker. Gently, I had to break the news of Einstein's previous departure from this earthly plane. Questions from the audience triggered so many interesting and informative anecdotes that it was apparent you came well prepared with a wealth of knowledge and expertise about the life experiences of this great scientist. It is not an easy task as a guest speaker to maintain attentiveness and audience participation with 600 students and staff, but you made it look easy. While 'Einstein' was speaking with the Gifted/Talented students, the expression of intense interest on the faces of my students was most rewarding. Your explanations of Einstein's theories challenged and motivated my students to continue their own research. Thank you for providing this insightful dramatization and enriching opportunity! Please give a special thank you to Carolyn for all her assistance in the planning and actual setting up of this rewarding event. She was instrumental in making this a success by providing all the background information, scheduling options, and suggestions for lesson designs to be used in the classrooms. We hope to see you again next year. Thanks again for inspiring us to strive for higher levels of thinking!"
Jackie Allphin, GATE Coordinator and Librarian, Narrows View Intermediate