School Assemblies: Science and Math Programs for K-12 Kids by Dr. Arden Bercovitz Stimulating enthusiasm for Science and Math with school and family events
School Assemblies with Albert Einstein and Arden Bercovitz

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Science and Math Assemblies for Imagination, Inspiration, and Life Long Learning in K-12
School AssembliesFair & Field DaysGATE/AVIDFamily Events by Dr. Arden Bercovitz
standards based, general assemblies, grade level appropriate, talented and gifted, family nights
These science and math programs are kid-tested, teacher-recommended, and principal-approved. We've been to over 400 schools in multiple states and have worked with tens of thousands of K-12 students. We'd love to come to your school too.

Dr. Arden Bercovitz, a research scientist and credentialed teacher developed and presents both programs. He has passion and a knack for stimulating interest and enthusiasm for science and math.

Help Your Kids Learn How To
Become Better Thinkers!

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We offer two programs
Click here for Einstein science programs
Show your students how to apply scientific thinking methods to their everyday activities and give them practice in applying their imaginations

Click here for Sizonomics™ math programs
How big can your students think? Invite Einstein to your class and he'll teach the relationship of numbers big and small.

"...We had a wonderful day! Dr. B gave excellent presentations to students of all ages. He's enthusiastic, creative and has extensive knowledge of Einstein...highlights of the day were the SIZONOMICS program with primary students, Arden's delivery of Einstein's persona and his discussions with students. Kids loved him. I highly recommend his work to you."
    -- Dr. Teresa Bergeson, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Washington

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